Government of Nigeria (Youth) Empowerment Programs

Here is a full list of ongoing federal Government of Nigeria (Youth) Empowerment Programs for youths, young entrepreneurs and small to medium scale enterprises. We have also detailed the requirements and how to apply for these programs.

1. Basic Entrepreneurship and Skill Training Program (BEST)

BEST is a drive pointed toward giving bearings in human resources advancement and furthermore protecting youthful jobless individuals from monetary effect of Coronavirus. The program will give 774,000 paid preparing and occupation situations young people across Nigeria.

HOW to Apply:

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Applicants should be of the age 18-35 years.
  • Eligible applicants should visit the application portal via   
  • 2 Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF)

  • Assuming you are an enrolled rancher under an affiliation you will be qualified for this sort of award. This sort of award is the monetary help from the central administration of Nigeria to help the farming area and every one of those that wish to wander into agrarian produce.

    ACSS reserves are dispensed to ranchers and agro-partnered business visionaries at a solitary digit loan fee of 8.0 percent

    HOW to Apply:

You must be a citizen of Nigeria

You should be 18 or above

Membership of an association or cooperative may also be required

Visit the online platform or obtain the form from your association

For the online platform, you can access the information to apply at 

#3. FGN Social intervention fund

These are for crafts mans and proprietors of SMEs the country over. The entrepreneurs can get to a limit of N100,000 at three percent premium.

HOW to Apply:

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