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ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022 – Scholarships Home

Looking for ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022 in the vu? If yes, then you are on the right page for the ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022. Here are ZOO502 Current Papers 2022 for the students. ZOO502 Midterm Past Papers 2022 for the students.


Students have to prepare these zoo502 term papers in 2022 for the students. It can also give zoo502 term papers basic topics, question paper overview in the ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022.





The cAMP signaling system

Properties of smooth muscle


A disease caused by hypothyroidism

Norepinephrine and epinephrine


cAMP and cAMP




My paper Zoo502




cAMP signaling

Color blindness

Functions of Astrognu

Types of acetone containers


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ZOO502 Midterm Past Papers

ZOO502 PDF leaflets

Paper zoo502

1) difference b/w tatnus and muscle twitches (2 points)

2) difference between stigma and ocilli (2mrks)

3) Meissner cells and pencinian (3 points)

4) three phases of the action potential (3 points)

5) Any five properties of hormones (5mrks)

Mcq #1) adaptation is an evolutionary process

2) Donnian Equilibrium 1911

3) holding the cold receptor thread ….

Baki dekhti hu mcqz wali files whan se yd aaen gy


ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022


Name the different sense organs in the human body 2


Difference b/w cardiac and skeletal muscles 2


Properties of smooth muscle 3


Sensory transduction function 3


Stigma and steel 5


Endocrine hormone of the intestinal tract 5


ZOO502 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Myofilaments and types

The role of acetylcholine

Hair cells and types

Growth hormones

cAMP signaling system


Mcqs from past files





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Today’s new Zoo 502 sheet


Basic topics of physiology


Function of catecholamines


Hodgkin’s cycle


Hormones for water and ion balance


cAMP signaling


Acetylcholine receptors and types



exocrine gland with example .

LH function in men or women.

Sensory receptor cell.

Adrenal cortex

A neurotransmitter


Zoo 502

1) Write a short note on the structure of sarcomere(5)

2) Write a note about taste buds and taste receptors(5)

3) Write three functions of sensory transduction(3)

4) Write the name of the hormone that regulates water and ions(3)

5) Define kinesiology (2)

6) Where are the thermoreceptors? (2)


my paper zoo502

An acetylcholine agonist

Posterior lobe of the pituitary gland


Type of hair cilia

5 hormes from the gastrointestinal tract



A brief note on the axon

Feedback mechanism and its meaning

The structure of the sacrament

Difference between luminous and turbulent flow

List the 6 harmonies involved in the phospholipid pathway

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