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Looking for ZOO504 Current Midterm Papers 2022 in the vu? If yes, then you are on the right page for the students in the ZOO504 Current Midterm Papers 2022. Here are ZOO504 Current Papers 2022 for students. ZOO504 Midterm Past Papers 2022 for students.


Students have to prepare these zoo504 term papers in 2022 for the students. It can also give zoo504 term paper basic topics, question paper overview for the ZOO504 Current Midterm Papers 2022.



My zoo 504 paper today is

What is SSC define wetlands 2 tags Ayubia National Park IUCN bird name listed category and rasmr locality sindh and who many localities in sindh 5 Mark’s question


Mcq’s Kuch handouts ur mostly quiz files main sy thy

2 questions 3 points for you


1. Define the concept of symbolic competence. 3 brands,

3 General characteristics of the .3 stage method,


Who proposed the theory of subsumption? And the four basic principles of the theory. 5 brands

get five arguments that support the universal grammar hypothesis 5 points,


Vygotsky level of learning and cultural development 0.5 points,




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ZOO504 Midterm Past Papers


ZOO504 PDF leaflets

Zoo 504

Dam area 2

What is WCS?

The effect of pollution on wildlife. 3

Aesthetic and recreational values ​​of wildlife. 5

Types of pollutants. 5


Aim mostly for some of the past files.

Thank you.





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ZOO504 Current Midterm Papers 2022

What is saffron? 2

Location of Astore Sanctuary? 2

Difference between endangered and extinct species? 3

Note on Ayubia National Park? 3

Endangerment of wetlands 5

Negative impact of predation? 5



1-What is Mintaka

2-Primary objective of Astor Shrine

3-What is SSC?

4-history and concept of ramsar? Long question

5 How many Ramsar sites are there in Punjab?

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