Top 10 Scholarships in Netherlands for International Students Fully Funded

Top 10 Scholarships in Netherlands Fully-Supported Lessons in the Netherlands for International Students: With learning programs such as those listed on this page, the Netherlands aims to help reduce the shortage of skilled staff through training courses and programs. In addition, Dutch institutions of higher learning are responsible and give priority to education and training.

To get a scholarship to the Netherlands as an international student, you need to fully meet these standard eligibility criteria

  • Your nationality should not be EEA.
  • You must apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at one of the Dutch higher education institutions.
  • You meet certain requirements for the institution of your choice. You can find this on the institution’s website.
  • With this in mind, here is a list of some of the top scholarships you can apply for in the Netherlands – the Fully Funded Scholarship in the Netherlands.


1.)  Holland Government Scholarships for International Students

The Dutch government through the Dutch Department of Education, Culture and Science and several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences offers Holland Scholarship to international students to study for Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees.

The Holland Scholarship established in 2014 currently offers scholarships to 2,112 students in the academic year. It is a fully funded bursary scheme.

2.)  Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) for International Students

The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands has recently launched a new scholarship program aimed at exceptional talented students from outside Europe. The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) is a full € 25,000 scholarship, which covers tuition and living expenses for one year of study. There is an opportunity for a second year extension in the Master’s two-year program. Study Time: Students who receive a two-year AES Master’s degree program will be tested after one year of study.

3.) TU Delft sub-Saharan Africa Summer School Scholarship

Applications for Sub-Saharan Africa Scholarship for the Summer School Planning and Design with Water at the Faculty of Architecture and Architecture of TU Delft, Netherlands.

Value of Award:  Scholarship includes; a plane ticket between your home country and Amsterdam and back. Tickets will be arranged and purchased by TU Delft at the nomination and issuance of a Dutch visa. Summer School fees (400 Euros) will be waived, a small pocket money, enough for food and transportation within 20 days in the Netherlands and accommodation during your stay (you can stay with a TU Delft student during that time. Summer School).

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4.) University College Groningen Scholarship Programme (USP)

The USP scholarship is for students who have a very good academic profile, but who need financial assistance to study. Proof of community service and after-school activities will support your application for funding. The application will be published on 1 November each year. You can use the link above to apply for a Holland Scholarship.

5.) Hague Academy Talent for Governance Program for Developing Countries

Governance Talent only selects people who have a strong motivation to make a difference to their citizens. The skills program includes training courses at The Hague Academy for Local Governance, an internship in the Dutch municipality, and international communication activities.

Scholarship Value: The Talent Management Program almost completely covers the costs. The talent program includes tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation, and multiple accommodation expenses in the Netherlands.

6.) RNTC Media & Journalism Scholarships for African & Developing Countries

The RNTC Netherlands Training Center provides training for media professionals from around the world: from journalists and program builders to social activists and communication professionals from non-governmental organizations. Whether you are a journalist, blogger, or media manager, there are courses that fit your needs. If you want to apply for a bursary to cover tuition fees, you must apply to both the RNTC (your study application) and the  Orange Knowledge Programme  (OKP) program (affiliate).

Program Value: The NFP or MSP bursary will cover the full cost of your travel and visa, accommodation and meals, insurance, and tuition fees.

7.) Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) for International Students

The University of Amsterdam (UvA)  aims to attract the world’s most prominent students to its overseas classes. Outstanding students from outside the EU / EEA can apply for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS). UvA will award up to 6 of these bursaries annually.

Scholarship Price: A full € 25,000 full scholarship, covering tuition and living expenses for one academic year.

8.)  Rotterdam School of Management Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University offers scholarships to students from non-EEA countries, who do not have the right to pay EEA tuition fees, provided their marks are considered ‘excellent’.

Value: The scholarship is awarded in the form of a non-EEA scholarship and is awarded for the first year of the IBA program only, provided that success in previous studies has been proven.

9.)  Radboud University Masters Scholarships for International Students

The Radboud Scholarship is only intended for talented students who have achieved outstanding academic results and are highly motivated to pursue a Master’s degree program at Radboud University. Radboud University Scholarships are offered to a selected number of potential international students to pursue a Master’s degree in English.

10.) Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Masters Students

Each year, Utrecht University in the Netherlands offers the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for international students to undertake Masters’s degree programs. The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship offers a number of graduate scholarship awards to highly talented prospective international students, with the opportunity to pursue a degree in a selected number of fields at Utrecht University

Scholarship Value: The Utrecht Excellence scholarships can be awarded as tuition fees or tuition fees plus 11.000 euro living expenses

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