The Future Africa Internship Program 2022 (FAIP)

Future Africa Internship Program 2022 Applications are currently invited for young Africans in the Future Africa Internship Program (FAIP) 2022 which provides Africans with less than two years of work experience to study in their professional environment. Once approved, job seekers will enter the workplace capacity building program and FAIP values

The program will provide resources to encourage trainees to play their role in the acting organization. FAIP is our answer to the critical need of young Africans – the decision of how to work.

Future Africa Internship Program 2022 Summary

Company / Organization: Future Project

Program type: Student / degree internship

Program Location: It will be determined by the hosting organizations

Available Spaces: Not specified

Basic Degrees: University or New Graduate Students

Nationality: Africans

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The Future Africa Internship Program 2022 DETAILS
The Future Africa Internship Program gives highly motivated people a good opportunity to gain experience in the industry, test-drive their jobs, and be exposed to the good things from bullies in their industries. It also allows you to discover new ideas, new ideas while developing your skills in a variety of areas among the next generation of future leaders.

In addition to study opportunities, as a professional trainee, you will find working with other leading people in the industry and will be exposed to real-life projects, challenges, and company programs. In addition to developing technical and knowledge skills, the internship program will allow trainees to develop interpersonal skills by interacting with other trainees.

Eligibility criteria
To qualify for the Future Africa Internship Program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must be motivated to learn, to grow as they acquire relevant industry skills.
  2. Must have at least two years of work experience and expertise in the field of their choice.
  3. Must have strong communication skills, interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team.
  4. Applicants who are university students must complete at least the second year of the university program.
  5. Applicants must be available on the system for at least 3 months, a maximum of 5 months.

Application Procedures
How to apply: Applicants interested in the Future Africa Internship Program 2022 should complete and submit an online application form to indicate their interest in the program before the deadline.