Dell Scholarship 2023 For international students


The Dell Scholarship 2023 Program, offered by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, is a college scholarship for the students plus so much more for this year 2023 so the students who wanted to get the dell scholarship must apply for this as soon as possible. Founded in 2004, the Dell Scholarship Program is a scholarship and college completion program for students that helps students from underserved communities achieve their academic dreams for promoting more education in the world.

Scholarship Description

  • The Scholarship Program places greater emphasis on a student’s determination in the world to succeed than just on academic record and test scores for the betterment of the student’s future. We reward low-income students those rightly motivated students who are better in education than their numbers of personal obstacles of students in the scholarship programs. for more read about the Dell Scholars Program.

What Does the Dell Scholarship Offer to students?

Specifically, the Dell Scholarship Program offers its student’s given bellow:

  • A $20,000 scholarship for the students (available for at least 6 years) in the dell scholarship. The funds can be used to pay tuition and fees for undergraduate programs students in the dell, graduate school students are also awarded, student loan repayment, study abroad opportunities, and/or internship stipends for the students in the dell scholarship
  • A laptop with a 4-year warranty is also given to the students who achieve this scholarship.
  • Access to the Scholars Resources of the dell scholar Network which connects students to their teacher and their families to resources for stress management for the future, debt management of students, childcare management, etc. so the students have this relaxation too much.
  • Webcasts and other sources for important information about the college experience is also offered in the dell scholarship for the students

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The Dell Scholarship Timeline

  • December 01, 2022, so the students must apply before the date.

Eligibility for the Dell Scholarship Program for students:

So if you want to call yourself a Dell Scholar you must see the eligibility criteria, you’ll need to meet the following eligibility requirements to become the scholarship part:

  • Be a U.S citizen if you are wanted to get the dell scholarship.
  • Participate in a Dell Scholars-approved college readiness program during your junior and senior years in high school if you are wanted to get the Dell Scholarship.
  • Graduate from an accredited high school this year if you are wanted to get the scholarship.
  • Have a GPA of 2.4+ if you are wanted to get the Dell Scholarship.
  • Be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant in your first year of college (and demonstrate a need for financial assistance) if you are wanted to get the Dell Scholarship.
  • State or Federal Health Insurance (example: Medical, CHIP) if you get the scholarship.
  • The Medicaid joint federal and state program if you get the scholarship


Application Requirements for the Dell Scholarship in 2023:

  • Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email, etc.) is required for the dell scholarship application
  • GPA is required for the scholarship application.
  • The top 3 college choices are required for the scholarship application
  • ACT and SAT test scores are required for the scholarship application
  • An intended major is required for the scholarship application
  • Basic information about your parents (e.g. their employment status, is required for the dell scholar application

Tips and Strategies For Winning the Dell Scholarship

Review the Sample Application Thoroughly

On their website, you’ll find a sample Dell Scholars application that you can review before it’s actually time to fill it out. The more familiar you are with it the more beneficial it becomes for you and, the better able you’ll be to fill it out accurately and in a timely manner for the next coming year.

Possess the Dell “GPA”

To be a strong candidate for a scholarship, you should demonstrate the following “GPA” so see this:

GRIT by overcoming personal challenges in your life related to your family, school, or community so that you focus on your education.

POTENTIAL by participating in college readiness programs and seeking out academic rigor so that you focus on your education.

AMBITION by dreaming of obtaining a college degree so that you focus on your education.

Want more tips for scholarships? Here’s some great for your advise for writing scholarship essays

#1 College major essay


For this essay and to become part of the scholarship, make sure to create a vivid picture of exactly what you’d like to use for your degree for further studies in the USA. Avoid overly broad or general responses because this thing is not considered as good as “changing the world” or “helping people etc.” HOW would you do these things become serious question for you?


#2 2-year college essay

  • They’re often close to home/easy to commute to the people and show your skills.
  • They offer flexible class schedules for students who also hold jobs and also wanted that Dell Scholarship 2023
  • The tuition is often drastically more affordable than at 4-year colleges for the students in Dell Scholarship 2023
  • 2-year colleges give you a chance to explore your interests before committing to a 4-year university for the students in Dell Scholarship 2023

#3 Top schools essay

When writing about “academic fit,” you can consider as so see this carefully:

  • Specific courses you would like to take and/or instructors you would like to work with the people and community
  • Academic support systems available (like writing centers, peer tutors, etc.) for the student in the dell scholarship
  • The opportunity to participate in internships is also available for the students
  • Academic organizations or clubs on campus are also given to the students
  • Resources like computer labs or research labs are also provided to the students in the dell scholarship

You can also use this website about government benefits to determine which federal or state aid you qualify forscholarship so see this link if you are interested

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