Supervisor Contact Email Example for Masters and PhD Students 2023

How to Contact Supervisor for MS and Ph.D. Positions 

If you are looking for fully funded scholarships for Masters or Ph.D. positions? If yes, then you’re on the right place. Many students ask about How to Email a Professor for the Supervision and ask about any vacant positions in their lab. Newbies struggle to write a professional email while asking a professor about any vacant positions. This post contains an email sample that students can use to contact professors.

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Details About Supervisor Contact Email Example for Masters and PhD Students

First, below are some tips that you must follow before writing an email:

  1. Never ever send the same email to all the faculty, but instead send it one by one. Don’t act over smart by entering an email address in the cc or bc area.
  2. Start your salutation with Dear Mr./Ms./ Dr. name,
  3. Learn a little about the professor you are interested to work with. You can search about his/her research work, research papers published by them, or any other info you can get from their websites.
  4. Make an impressive CV(resume). Mention all your volunteer ship and internship experience because they make an impact on the professors.

How to Email a Professor for the Supervision

This is an email format for your reference.

Dear Mr. ABC,

Hope you are doing well.

I am ABC. I am applying for the winter term of 2023 for xx program and wanted to ask you if you could supervise and fund my degree so I could pursue my dream of higher education. Canada always have been a supporter of women empowerment and education and I know my passion for studies can be funded here.

I have done a bachelor’s in ABC with CGPA out 4 CGPA (xx%) from ABC institute. I was a shining student of my class since grade 1 and used to get top 3 positions. In my 10th grade, I got xx% and in my 12th grade, I scored xx% marks. During my bachelor’s program, I did xx internships at different institutions that gave me the idea that how xx engineering is implemented in daily life and how it is impacting the industry and xx field.

My undergrad final year project was a “xxxxx” details about fyp. This project enhances my skills and knowledge in the field of xx,xx, xx, and xxx.

I am looking for a supervisor and your area of research really intrigues me.  Would you accept me to work under your supervision? I understand that you have a busy schedule but I would appreciate it if you would take out a few minutes to consider and review my application and request. I am also attaching my resume and transcript for your assessment.

Looking forward to your positive reply. 

Thank You,