Process to study in Canada Without IELTS 2023

A lot of International Students Enroll in Canadian Universities for international students to study Canada without IELTS. A Process to Study in Canada Without IELTS is not that much difficult so the students have to apply to study in Canada without IELTS. The IELTS Exam is Expensive and can take away Precious Time and Energy so that is why students cannot want to get into trouble for scholarships in Canada. So, how do you study in Canada without IELTS is a big question? You can do this Strategically by applying to Universities in Canada that do not Require IELTS so that students have very opportunities to get study in Canada without IELTS. Some of the Universities make it possible to study without IELTS in Canadian Universities so take admitted to Canada without IELTS.

A wonderful opportunity to study abroad and pursue your Bachelor’sMasters and Ph.D. degrees without IELTS here all these opportunities are for the students who are interested in studying in Canada. There are ways that Canadian Universities can “Prove” English Proficiency for the students who are eligible for Canadian study. Some Universities will accept a letter of Recommendation from your Previous Professors Regarding your English Proficiency which is quite required full for students to study in Canada without IELTS and get scholarships and internships easily.

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The Process to study in Canada Without IELTS

  • Host Country: Canada Country
  • Scholarship: Fully Funded scholarship
  • Programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Degree Programs for students

Common Ways to study in Canada without IELTS

I will go into specific universities in the later part of this article for the students who are eligible for admission, but I want to give you a general outline of the exemption policy for most universities in Canada for the betterment of the students. If you meet one of the following criteria, you can apply without IELTS the study in Canada:

  1. Other English Proficiency Tests such as TOEFL are required for the study.
  2. You have studied in an English-medium school for 4 years required for the study.
  3. The country that you are from is English-speaking is required for the study.
  4. Attending their language school for a semester or for a year is required to study.

if you full fill the criteria you get admission to take the chance to study in Canada.


Top Universities in Canada with No IELTS Requirements for study in Canada

1) University of Winnipeg:

IELTS Certification Credentials are not necessary for the University of Winnipeg so students without IELTS apply for a scholarship to study in Canada. However, Proof of Proficiency in the English language is a mandatory requirement for students to get admission to the Winnipeg university.

What You Need to Study Only to Submit the English Language Proficiency Certificate for the students to get admission in Canada. You need to tell them that Your Previous Degree Institute is in English so the students can apply for the scholarship and study in Canada.

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2) Brock University

IELTS can help you get accepted but is not necessary for the students to take admitted to Canada. Other than IELTS for the students, this institution will also accept TOEFL or their IELP for study in this university, which is the Brock Intensive English Language Program of the year 2023.


3) University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is home to a growing number of international students which gives admission to their students without IELTS. They accept TOEFL (An overall score of 86 with minimum scores of 19 in each area) as an alternative to the IELTS exam for the students to get admission in Canada.

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4) Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

The university will also grant you an exemption if you are eligible or if you can provide proof that you are proficient in English by showing your grades over the last 4 years of your academic career for the students to get admission to study in Canada.

5) University of Regina:

You must have completed a post-secondary education that was offered in the English Language for the students to get an education in Canada and gets scholarships as well. so students who are eligible for admission to the university of Regina without IELTS.

6) Carleton University:

You need official transcripts for the previous three years of high school, college, or university, where education was offered in the English language for the students who are interested to study in Canada without IELTS.

7) Memorial University:

You need to attend an intensive English program at the St. John’s campus or Grenfell campus wings of the Memorial University to study further without IELTS for the eligible students.

8) Concordia University:

For graduate business students, you must have taken an academic English course at Concordia University and the process is without IELTS. However, the condition is not the same for every student for study in Canada.

9) Cambrian College

IELTS and TOEFL are not needed for Cambrian College. In fact, according to their website for admission, once an international student applicant arrives on their campus for the students, the school will assess their speaking and writing skills for admission in Canada.

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