Mth001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

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About Mth001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

Assignment No :2

Semester: Fall 2022

Subject Code: Mth001

Fall :2022

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Mth001 Assignment 1 Solution

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Question No 1:

Consider a relation S on the set of integers Z, defined as follow:

x S y  ⇔  x≡y(mod5)   for all x,y∈Z.

Verify whether S is equivalence relation or not

Question No 2:

Student A tries to define a function f∶ Q→Q by the rule:

f(n/m)=n/m^2  for all integers m and n with m≠0.

Student B claims f is not well defined. Justify student B’s claims.

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