October 1, 2023

MCM301 Midterm Solved Quizzes Fall 2022

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About MCM301 Midterm Solved Quizzes Fall 2022

Midterm Quizzes :Solved

Semester: Fall 2022

Subject Code:Acc501

Fall :2022

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MCM301 Midterm Solved Quizzes 2022

_________ can also seriously impede the transmission of ideas.


All of the following are the type of periodical except:


All of the following show the qualities of effective speaker except one. Which one is?

To avoid the audience’s choice
Understands the nature of audiences and adapts speeches to audiences
To keep in mind the audiences care
Find the common traits

An opinion, conditions, value, attitude, or feeling all of the following characteristics are express in which of the following?

Speech topic
Thesis statement
Subject of the topic

When using a story, the presenter should:

Either option is acceptable
Tell the story first, and then show how it illustrates the thesis
Neither option is acceptable
State the thesis first, and then show, how the story supports the thesis.

How many purposes your introduction should have:


Audience information such as age, gender, education, and socioeconomic status falls into a category known as:


At what point does an introduction begin?

All of the given options
It begins at any moment during your speech
It begins the moments you address the audience
It begin at the middle of speech.

All of the following are the purposes of introduction except:

Introduction your thesis
Establishing your rapport or credibility with the audience
Getting the audience attention
Avoid to the audience

All of the following correct about rules of finding a topic of speech except:

Select a topic you know about or easily research
Choose a topic you are interested in
Begin early
Electronic Periodical Indexes

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