Deloitte Internship 2021-22 For International Students

Deloitte Internship 2021-22 For International Students


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14 November 2021



At Deloitte Internship, with over 200,000 employees globally in 153 countries for more experience and progress, it’s natural that we appreciate the value diversity can bring to our organization to their students. We aim to inspire and encourage all our people to be successful no matter what their culture or background so come and join the Deloitte Internship 2021-22 which Leeds you to success.

Graduate & Vacationer program opportunities

Deloitte Internship Australia* accepts program applications from students who do not yet hold Australian permanent residence to augment our talent pools so come and join the Deloitte Internship 2021-22 which Leeds you to success.

Our Deloitte Graduate Program

If you’re completing your studies in mid-to-end of 2021 for the eligible students (or, already completed your studies within the last 2 years)f for the students who are wanted to study here, and ready to launch your career with us in March 2022 for the students, this program is for you!


When does it start?

Depending on the business area you apply for the Deloitte Internship 2021-22 which Leeds you to success., our Graduate Program may commence in March or July for this internship.

What will I get to do?

As one of our Grads for students, expect significant client exposure for the eligible students, hands-on projects and multiple networking opportunities for those who wanted to get some experience by join the Deloitte Internship 2021-22 which Leeds you to success.

Program eligibility

If you’re in this category, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Deloitte Internship 2021-22 :

  • You must currently reside lawfully in Australia so that you are eligible for the Deloitte Internships 2021-22
  • You are currently studying a relevant degree so that you are eligible for the Deloitte Internships 2021-22
  • You will have completed an approved English Language test and prove that you have reached ‘Proficient English’ as set by the Department of Home Affairs so that you are eligible for the Deloitte Internships 2021-22

See all of our international locations.

Program pathways

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we’re hiring for the Deloitte Internships 2021-22, and the work you can expect in a role with us here for the education purpose, by downloading a copy of our Student Pathways Handbook.

Our recruitment process

Applications for our Graduate and Vacationer program opportunities for international students is by Expression of Interest (EOI) only so that come and join Deloitte Internship 2021-22.

This means you will need to make an online application via the ‘Expression of Interest’ form for your preferred business area so come and join Deloitte Internship 2021-22


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fastweb scholarships 2021 for international students 

1. Expression of Interest application 

• Work, leadership and team experience  for the internship

• Extra-curricular activities for the internship

• Academic results for the internship

• Passion, enthusiasm and motivation for the internship

• Resume for the internship.

2. Online Assessment 

To help us understand your fit with Deloitte Internship for the students, we will invite you via email to play a logic game and never miss the chance. This assessment is designed to give you a little taste of working here for the Deloitte Internship.

3. Phone/Video Interview 

A friendly member of our Graduate Recruitment team will arrange to connect with you over a phone or video call for the students in the Deloitte Internship.

Take the time to research Deloitte on our website, and be prepared to chat with us about for the students:

• Your motivation to join Deloitte for internship

• Your interest in the team you have chosen to apply for internship

• Personal experience and aspirations – we want to get to know the real you for internship

4. Assessment Centre 

• An information session for internship

• Group activities for internship

• Case study for internship

• Interview for internship

• Networking with Deloitte team members for internship

5. Case study* 

In some cases, you will need to complete a case study assessment which considers situation analysis and numerical interpretation for the internship


*Not applicable to all areas of the business for internship.

6. Final Interview 

Congratulations – you’re almost there! At this final stage for internship, you will undertake a behavioral-based interview with a Partner or Director in the team you are looking to join for internship.


7. Offer 

You will always hear from us, regardless of whether you are successful or not. If you haven’t yet heard, that means your application is still being considered. Good luck!

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