CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022

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CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022: Today we are sharing with you mth501 assignment 2 solution fall 2022 before creating your assignment & gdb file .

CS601 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022

About CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022

  • GDB No :1




  • Semester: Fall 2022
  • Subject Code: CS504
  • Fall :2022

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User interface details can be part of the SRS documents. By adding the GUIs in the functional specifications (FS), requirement can be solidified with respect to scenario contents. SRS documents is also going to be used as the base line for design, user manual and test planning among other things. Presence of the user interface (UI) details implies that these activities can start right after SRS is accepted and signed off. Emergence of rapid GUI drafting tool has made the task a lot simpler than it used to be. User displays can help in project planning and estimation. A user interface might highlight weakness in addressing some of the non- functional requirement ( such as usability) which are otherwise very hard to fix later on.

However,  if you can’t freeze the RS until you UI is complete, the requirement development process takes a longer time. we need to be very careful when we use GUIs to the SRS documents.  it is very common mistake to use UI layout is subtitles for defining the functional requirements. We must remember that these are supplementary information and cannot replace other components of the SRS document. Any change in the requirement entails a change in the UI. If the requirements are not stable this can means a lot of rework.

In your opinion, GUIs should be part of SRS documents or not. Justify your answer with very well defined and sound reasoning in either Yes/No.



There are no hard and fast rule for this but there are some strategies to consider.

  1. Progressive disclosure display future only as the user needs them not all at once.
  2. If we add UI in SRS the focus shifted from what to how.
  3. Any change in the requirements entails the change in the UI. If the requirements are not stable,  this can means a lot of rework.
  4. If GUI is the part of SRS than we will violate the rule of abstractions.
  5. SRS does not include a detailed description of design, development, or testing processes. Its goal is to determine the right development strategy and select the tech stack that will be used.
  6. UIs distract from business process undertaking (what) to interfacing details how.
  7. Unstable requirements cause frequent modifications in UIs.
  8. An extra work to be done at the requirement level each time a GUI change has to be incorporated.