CS201p Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

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CS201p Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022: Today we are sharing with you CS201p GDB 1 solution fall 2022 before creating your assignment & gdb file .

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About CS201p Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

  • Assignment No :2









  • Semester: Fall 2022
  • Subject Code:CS201p
  • Fall :2022

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In programming, sorting algorithm is a type of algorithm that is used to arrange sequence of elements in a particular order either ascending from lowest to highest or descending from highest to lowest. The ordering of elements in sortingis mainly based on the use of comparison operator. Similarly, in programming, sorting is mostly performed on array data structure because array stores elements of same type in sequence. Therefore, while performing sorting, the programmer always has to deal with the array data structure.

Now, keeping in mind the concept of sorting and arrays, studentsare required to write a C++ program which will sort the elements of two-dimensional arrays in Column and Row wise format.

You have to write the following user-defined function keeping in mind the given requirements.

Declare a two-dimensional array of order 3 * 3and initialize it with the source data.

Write a function name display(); which will take RowWise sorted array and ColWise sorted array as an input and print its elements.

Write a function name sortRow(); which will take the given array as input and sort its element RowWise.

Write a function name sortCol(); which will take RowWise sorted array as input and sort its elements ColWise.

Write a function name diagonalSum() which will calculate the sum of diagonal elements of both RowWise and ColWise arraysand display them on screen.

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