May 31, 2023

University of Bonn Argelander Germany Scholarships 2022 Fully Funded

University of Bonn Argelander Germany Scholarships to medical students at African, Latin American and Asian universities. Interested parties are invited to apply for a prize that provides an opportunity to study in Bonn (3-12 months) for medical students from designated medical schools.

The aim is to provide funding for medical students from African, Latin American and Asian countries to promote scientific exchanges with partners, especially in previously disadvantaged regions in terms of scientific productivity and to promote international cooperation in the key regions identified. collaboration strategy.

University of Bonn Argelander Germany Scholarships Summary

Scholarship Scholarship: University of Bonn, Germany

Scholarship Type: Fully sponsored

Hosting Centers: University of Bonn, Germany

Scholarship Worth: See Prize Benefits

Prize Number: Multiple

Level of study: PhD

Nationality: Africa, Latin America and Asia

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University of Bonn Argelander Germany Scholarships  DETAILS
This funding line is intended to strengthen the collaboration between the Bonn scientists and their partners in the above-mentioned regions, and to increase such interaction in terms of promoting early career researchers.

When the application is submitted, a formal or informal cooperation agreement must already exist between the home of the designated physician and the management center in Bonn. The host researchers in Bonn are acting as applicants.

Please note that the application can only be submitted by a University of Bonn professor. You are welcome to submit your application in German or English.

Eligibility criteria
Preference is given to international medical students pursuing doctoral degrees at a university or research center in Africa, Latin America or Asia.
Doctoral candidates who are already doing their Ph.D. at Bonn University are not eligible for funding.
Recipients of financial aid must complete their doctoral degrees at home university (to avoid brain damage).
Prize Benefits
Travel allowance (depending on your country)
Bursary of € 1,500 per month (extra money to accompany family members: up to € 300 per partner and € 250 per child)
A research grant of up to € 300 per month may be submitted to the International Office after the bursary award. Information on applying for the grant will be provided with your scholarship.
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Application Procedures
How to Apply: An application must be submitted to a full-time professor at the University of Bonn. Up to two applications per host / professor can be considered. Applicants must submit a signed letter of recommendation.

The application must include;

  • Online form
  • Project description (PDF of more than 8 pages), which includes:
  • Framework for a research project to be implemented during a residency in Bonn;
    please write your proposal for a multidisciplinary audience
  • Reasons for the host to invite a doctor
  • A draft plan for the doctor to be included in the management center (workplace, participation in the teaching and research activities of the institution), and a draft plan for the project in Bonn
  • CV and motivational book for a medical student (PDF)
    Financial plan (please use the following  Excel table, download here)


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