MGT503 GDB 1 Solution fall 2022

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About MGT503 GDB 1 Solution fall 2022

  • GDB No :1






  • Semester: Fall 2022
  • Subject Code:MGT503
  • Fall :2022

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CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022

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Samar Enterprises is a century-old business of leather products. Mr. Shuja is the new owner of Samar Enterprises. He is a business graduate and takes charge of his family business. Since the last decade, the company has yet to flourish as expected. As a new owner, he met with the senior employees to discuss the issues faced by the company. The senior employees addressed the problems and challenges faced by Samar Enterprises. Following are some highlighted cases:

Case. 1

Even so, there are still many things in the business that point to management needs to improve. First, there is no specific sharing of work, and any employee may be requested to perform any task at any moment. Furthermore, the nature of the jobs performed by the employees has yet to evolve into specialization due to disregard for good work sharing.

Case. 2

There must be clear and proper agreements between the employees and the management. The employees are frustrated as a result of this. The administration has frequently been shown to need to be made aware of its broken commitments. Additionally, there are still guidelines dictating how the employees must behave.

Case. 3

The middle-level managers in the organization who occupy critical positions, the department heads, always favor their friends. They are constantly seeking out unique relaxation from the executive team. Employee dissatisfaction has resulted from this; they are now asking for favors and threatening to strike shortly.

The losses at Samar Enterprises are significant. You’ll need to identify the issues discussed in the above paragraphs based on your understanding of the relevant knowledge.