CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022 Scholarships Home

CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022 Scholarships Home

we provide updated CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022. Easy to view complete CS302 Software Engineering II GDB 1 Solution 2022 Perfect idea and free download below. correct solution GDB 302 Spring 2022

CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022

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CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022


A separate memory chip on the device’s printed circuit board
Embedded memory in the microcontroller (MCU)

Suppose you want to design a hand-held device for diagnosing skin diseases. The device has a scanner that scans the skin and based on the scans it gets information and processes it into its controller. The device must be equipped with RAM to temporarily store information during processing. Given the scenario, which of the two techniques will you use and why? Provide appropriate reasoning to support your answer.

CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022


Built-in vs discrete memory

Embedded memory is memory that is integrated into a chip and is non-independent memory. The built-in memory supports the logic core to perform its functions, which eliminates communication between chips. External storage devices refer to storage devices that are located outside the logical core. Currently, embedded SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory) are widely used. On the other hand, external storage devices are standalone storage devices such as hard drives and RAM that are not integrated on a chip.

CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022

Built-in memory

Embedded memory is a separate memory that is integrated into a chip. Embedded memory is an important part of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) because these devices can provide high speed and wide bus capabilities. The development of embedded memory devices has become easier due to the large size of the die, which allows the integration of memory with logic on the same chip and the improvement of process technology. On-chip SRAMs are widely used as the primary or first-level (L1) cache on a chip. Currently, there is a lot of interest in the development of embedded DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) due to the growing performance gap between microprocessors and DRAM. Due to the complexity of the DRAM process technology, these are the least used embedded memory devices. Flash ROMs are also widely used. Another option for built-in non-volatile memory is built-in flash memory. In addition to built-in EPROMs and EEPROMs, built-in flash memories can also be used in these locations.

CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022

Separate storage devices CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022

External memory devices refer to memory devices that are not integrated into the chip. These include devices such as hard drives, CD/DVD ROMs, RAM, and ROMs that are not integrated into a chip. Traditionally, external storage referred to devices that were used as permanent storage of large amounts of data, such as magnetic disks, CD ROMs, etc. The most common external storage device is a hard disk, which usually has the ability to store large amounts of data. data.

CS302 GDB Solutions Spring 2022

What is the difference between built-in and discrete memory in the CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2022?

Embedded memory devices are memory devices that are integrated into a chip with a logic core, while external memory devices are memory devices that are located off-chip. Embedded SRAM and ROM are widely used than external or standalone SRAM and ROM. The use of built-in memory devices reduces the number of chips and reduces the demands on the space that the device uses. In addition, when the memory is built into the chip, it provides a faster response time and lower power consumption than using an external memory device. On the other hand, the development of embedded memory devices requires a complex design and manufacturing process than external memory devices. Also, integrating different types of memory on the same chip would complicate the manufacturing process. In addition, the memory part (consisting of RAM, ROM, etc.) could consume a large part of the chip, making the design more challenging for designers.

Cs302 GDB SOLUTION spring 2022


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